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a group of friends...


Over the years you cross paths with many people, most pass through as shadows but a special few become the ones that stay no matter what. Such a connection brought together a few ladies with talents that flowed into an idea and so Éclat was born. Our team is here to listen to you, discover your vision and make it a reality. 

It is all about THe FIRST LOOK...

A Northeastern University Masters of Architecture graduate, Areta's path diverged when she went to a company where she began doing event planning. From trade shows, dealer meetings to company holiday parties she discovered her love of event planning. Coming from Croatia and growing up in the USA, she knew she wanted to incorporate the best values of both countries in her events. And thus, Éclat was born. 

Areta Brucic

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

An organizer at heart, with a passion for hospitality and delivering projects on budget and on time. Nadine studied Architecture at Northeastern University, and worked to make clients dreams come true as a construction manager for a boutique general contractor in Toronto. Nadine works to ensure our clients get exactly what they dream no matter how hard it is to get it!

Nadine Pozzobon

Turning a Vision into Reality

Coming from a background in business, Paula is the European management of our group. She combines words and vision and transforms them into a unique event. Thanks to her artistic side and yearning to experience more in this world, one would describe her as here to show the magic of a perfect moment.

Paula Putric
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