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A wedding is a dream vision turned to life and the very first steps come with choosing a venue. Whether the setting is a fairytale castle, a blissful beach, mile-high mountains or a vineyard at harvest, Éclat Events is here to make it perfect for you. Each location provides a beautiful canvas background. We add the details of the painting to make the vision whole. 

Not sure where to start? We're here to help! Éclat weddings start from a single day event, to a long weekend, to 10-day adventures. Discover all we have to offer.

Ever dreamed of having a wedding in a place with crystal clear seas, fantastic cuisine  and culture dating back centuries? Croatia is the perfect location for having the wedding of your dreams. Discover the untouched... 

Enjoy beautiful vineyards, lush gardens, Niagara Falls, lakeside views in Ontario. What you envision we will create in beautiful venues in Canada. Experience the beauty in Canada!

Dip your toes in the ocean, enjoy the sand beneath your feet. When wedding seasons close up north, our sunny South Florida is here to help. Imagine the possibilities in Florida!


Already have your heart set on a venue? We always have the travel bug and are exploring new places. We would love to join you on the adventure and plan your dream wherever it may be!

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